Who is Siècle?

Who is Siècle?

Heart Shaped Glasses Me

Dearest unknown being, welcome into my garden of imagination.

Who am I? Well, to begin with, you can call me Siècle which means « century » in French.

As long as I can remember, I have always searched for meaning. I studied philosophy for a while and a little of inner cosmology, then I took the road to find the Ageless Queendom. My quest was a success: I discovered a key leading to a spaceless door. I am quite satisfied with that key and pretty reluctant to open the door for it really is the most exquisite key, you see.

A few more interesting things about me: I am a fervent admirer of the Heart Shaped Glasses Theory and my Muse is a dragon. I firmly believe in the path of transfiguration that everyone can follow (with a certain amount of « I do believe in faeries » type of magic and a strong compass pointing towards Shiva). This being said, you must know I don’t have all my head – I need the empty space for sunset splendour.

I also am a writer. My stories are represented by my wonderful agent, Roxane Edouard who you may write to regarding any publishing matter.

If you want to know more about why I am writing and the kind of stories I am working on, you probably are in the right place and even maybe at the right time. But who really knows about space and time? Not me, I still have my key and I won’t use it.

Light on your journey, dearest unknown being, and may you always be well.