The Heart Shaped Glasses Theory

The Heart Shaped Glasses Theory

The Magical Hat

Every morning, at sunrise, we draw our glasses-for-the-day from the Magical Hat. Because the Magical Hat is quite magical, there is an infinity of glasses we can draw from it: all the shapes you can imagine, any size you dream of, more than a thousand bright colours.

Some of you may choose pink elephant shaped glasses. Others will prefer tears glasses or gold ones. Jasmine’s glasses are quite lovely, « I am right »-shaped glasses are hilarious, Miyasaki’s binoculars seem to work very well and make a lot of people happy. Fun fact: I know someone who is wearing glasses shaped as a vanilla cone no matter what.

Anyway… then comes the sunset and we put our glasses-for-a-day back into the Magical Hat.

But here is the trick you’ve been waiting for: the famous monster of habit has been playing a nasty trick on our Hat. Drawing our glasses-for-the-day again, and again, and again, we just forgot what we have been doing. We erased that essential gesture from our memory. The Hat became invisible. We let an old and greasy pair of glasses encrust itself into our faces.

Morning comes, we open our eyes and everything repeats itself. We cannot distinguish eyes from glasses or the act of looking through: lines are blurred. New morning comes. Same old, same old. Same people, same thoughts, same judgments, same suffering. We forgot we had a choice, we forgot the Magical Hat we’ve been offered. We spend an eternity of days trapped behind a very specific black-and-white screen.

Fortunately, we just need a glimpse of clarity to remember and to call the Magical Hat back into our lives. We are not glasses, we are the eyes beyond them, and the free spirit behind the eyes. We choose what we are looking at and through which magical filter we do so. We have the power of changing our everyday reality. And those who change their reality change the world they are living in.

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