Falling Star and Little Morning

Falling Star and Little Morning


            « Kinjal walks, speeds up, flies at last. A wave of pure joy replaces the fear she was feeling just minutes ago. A snow leopard, she has seen a snow leopard, that is a rare sign! Chadna may mean love, but there are leopards who comes to water on the riverbank!
            Fulfilled by the gift of this encounter, Kinjal sings her happiness to the Mountain. She turns, dances, free. Then she hurtles down the goats’ path. Her steps rest assured. Her flexible body jumps as a young chamois. For sure, she was a chamois in a previous life! She is not afraid, she speaks to the stones which are not moving under her feet, offering Kinjal their more solid face to rely on. She finally reaches the village, out of breath but so happy. »

            Falling Star and Little Morning, Siècle Vaëlban


Title: Falling Star and Little Morning

Type: Standalone

Category: Children’s book written in French

Public: 10 years and more

State of progress: Written and waiting its hour.


Pitch: A young Indian girl shares her time between school, the forest and her family. When her eldest sister falls sick, her life is turned upside down and she asks for help to the Mountain’s spirits.


Synopsis: Nine years old Kinjal lives for climbing the Mountain. She loves names, the sound of leaves in the wind and the spirits playing on the riverbank. And the school as well… Not to brag, but she is first of her class!

She lives in India with her parents and her eldest sister, Chadna. Chadna is perfect, a bit too perfect for Kinjal’s taste. But suddenly, her sister falls sick and everything changes in Kinjal’s life. Her best friend walks away and she must help her mother at work. Even her father stops laughing as Chadna’s health keeps getting worse.

Fortunately, there is a new boy at school who stands up for her and this snow leopard who is following Kinjal everywhere. Maybe she is a spirit sent by the Mountain to help Kinjal save her sister? After all, Chadna means love and love cannot vanish like that!