Full Sky

Full Sky


            « Ivory entered the workshop, her smile already melting away, vanishing from her snow white face, a face as livid as her dull iris were, as pale and empty as her flesh prison felt – her grey albino fetters.
            She had barely walked three steps into the room than her Craft-Master high-pitched voice stormed, aiming at the roof-top:
            — Ivory! My velvet withers, my buttons are running away and that damned ruff thinks she is a set square! Unleash is done, he is finished!
            Used to the racket prevailing around, the Little-Hands did not raise their heads and kept their mind on their work, embroidering, weaving and sewing while their boss was cursing as he crossed the room to join Ivory. »

            Full Sky, Siècle Vaëlban


Title: Full Sky

Type: Standalone

Category: Fantasy novel written in French

Public: Young Adult/Adult

State of progress: The first draft is written. I am currently working on the second draft using the notes of my two amazing beta-readers.


Pitch: A ribbon’s tamer is recruited against her will to work at the Opera House. She must find her way through the artistic and political schemes happening there despite her asocial temper.


Synopsis: For centuries, Full Sky, the Opera House, has been ruling the Nebular. Every night, the fate of the following day is shaped on stage. If the show happens to be bad, there will be no bread on the breakfast tables, diseases will spread all over the capital and the gifts of the citizens will get out of control. To subjugate this daily threat, the Crimson-Faces dynasty rules the Opera House with an iron fist.

Since the day of her birth, Ivory has had to fight for her existence. She belongs to the Cast of Masks in which appearances mean everything. Yet, Ivory is a grey albino, a monstrous being with a skin as pale as the moon, a shameful secret concealed from the world. Her life got better since she left the aristocratic capital for the suburb and its ingenious craftpeople. The Craft-Master, Unleash, has taken her under his wing and made her a forewoman in his workshop.

Wild and introvert, tormented by her painful childhood, Ivory believes she has finally found peace away from the Masks and their endless intrigues. But she makes one mistake: she tames a ribbon for the favorite of the Opera, drawing the attention of the Nebular’s high instances. Full Sky requires her services.

Ivory has only ever dreamed of solitude and a little house with a view on paddy fields. She now finds herself trapped into the busiest place of the world. At the Opera House, backstage’s rhythm never stop. Musicians, craftpeople, servants, all have to oblige the evening show to ensure the morrow will happen.